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The Massachusetts Sierra Club actively works to endorse and promote pro-environment candidates at the local, state, and national level. Resources are provided here for members researching a candidates history of endorsement with the Club, as well as for political candidates seeking endorsement. Click here for our list of endorsements.

Voting Absentee

Massachusetts allows voters to vote by absentee ballot if they:

  • will be absent from your city or town on election day
  • and/or have a physical disability that prevents your voting at the polling place,
  • and/or cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs.

You may have an absentee ballot mailed to you or you may vote at your city or town hall by making arrangements with your local election official. Click here to read more about voting absentee.

Voting Over-the-Counter

If you'll be out of town (or meet other criteria listed) You can vote over-the-counter at your election commission or town clerk's office. The process is fast and easy. All cities and towns allow over-the-counter voting; contact yours for their hours.

The Political Committee

The Mass Chapter Political Committee identifies candidates who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation. Our goal is to endorse and support candidates who can be counted on to preserve the environment. The committee meets regularly throughout the year.

We have played an increasingly active role in elections in recent years. This highly active committee welcomes volunteer participation particularly during the busy campaign season to assist with research, phone calls, and interviews. We are also looking for longer-term volunteer committee members who have knowledge of Massachusetts politics and wish to be part of the endorsement process.

PAC Donations

PAC donations are critical to our process, and your donation of any size will help us achieve our goals. Please send your check to Mass Sierra Club PAC, 10 Milk St., #417, Boston MA 02108.

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The Endorsement Process

Current endorsements

Past Endorsements
2008 (special elec.)
2008 (general)
2009 (municipal)
2011 (general)
2011 (special elec)

For more information, contact Phillip Sego. (See Contacts page)


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