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Political Endorsements

The Endorsement Process

The Sierra Club's endorsement process involves a number of steps. We start by identifying key races, soliciting applications from qualified candidates, reviewing the candidates' records, accomplishments, community involvement, answers to our questionnaires, and potential interviews. We review all available information and also welcome opinions from all Sierra Club members.

  • We actively seek out those incumbent legislators who have promoted and supported the Sierra Club's pro-environmental stands.
  • We evaluate selected races, interviewing prospective endorsees using questionnaires and/or live interviews, as well as reviewing their record of public service.
  • We work with local groups in verifying a candidate’s record and actions.

How to Apply for Endorsement

  1. Contact the committee (Phillip Sego ) as early in the process as possible, letting us know that you're running. Include your contact information as well as that of your campaign manager.
  2. We'll confirm receipt, and let you know when the process starts.
  3. When you receive the questionnaire, be sure to return it promptly.
  4. After the questionnaires are received, we will contact you if we wish to schedule an interview. Interviews are conducted in person or by phone.
  5. We'll keep in touch with you during the process.


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The Endorsement Process

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Past Endorsements
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For more information, contact Phillip Sego. (See Contacts page)


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