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Environmental Issues

Electoral Politics

Elections, and Endorsements - The Sierra Club actively works to endorse and promote pro-environment candidates. To learn more about our political program and view our endorsements.

Waste and Recycling

Zero Waste aims to prevent waste by design rather than manage it after the fact. We look at not only the quantity of waste we generate, but also its toxicity, its contribution to climate change, and the important links between waste reduction and corporate responsibility.

Incineration -  the state is considering lifting our 22-year moratorium on increased incineration, despite of the health and global warming consequences.

Bottle Bill Update - We're working to extend our state's most effective recycling program to include water, sports drinks, flavored teas, and other on-the-go beverages.

Wastewater Treatment on Cape Cod: Discharges from septic systems have resulted in the degradation of water quality; impacts to aquatic environment; fish kills, and aesthetic issues.

Plastic Bags can last in the environment 1000 years, and never really biodegrade. They kill animals, and eventaully become microplastics where they will threaten food supplies in our oceans.

Mercury - The only safe level of mercury is zero. Will the manufacturers of thermostats and mercury-bearing lighting take real responsibility for  their products?

Energy and Climate Change

Go Solar! - Installing solar panels on your rooftop can save you money

Energy - our work on all aspects of clean renewable energy

Biomass - Burning our forests isn't green; it's the onbly hope we have in decreasing CO2 in our atmosphere.

Beyond Coal Campaign - Coal is the dirtiest of our fossil fuels, resulting in more CO2 and mercury than any other source.

Habitat & Wildlife

The Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) is being threatened by developers who are trying to gut the law that protects 435 species of native animals and plants at risk in Massachusetts

Forests and Parks - Forests and parks provide us with outdoor activities, such as hiking and picnicking, but are also essential in maintaining a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Working with our environmental allies and state agencies, we seek to limit or discontinue logging, clearcutting, and other practices that lead to the degradation or destruction of these treasured lands.

Mt. Wachusett State Reservation - Development is threatening one of the state's gems.

Threatened lands illustrates the threats that many of the state's treasured parks and forests are facing.

Early Successional Habitat can be the key to providing an environment protecting many of the state's species

Northern Right Whale - Over a hundred years after the end of commercial whaling, human activity is still threatening the survival of these majestic animals.


Sprawl and Transportation - Smart growth requires that public transportation be available for new development.

MBTA Debt Report
2013: The Year of Transportation Funding?

Reviews the sources of the MBTA's debt, dispelling the misconception it's a result of mismanagement, poor planning, and out of control expenses. Upon even the most basic investigation, one can see that the source of the MBTA’s debt problem wasn’t caused by any of these factors. The reality is that the Big Dig and longtime neglect to properly fund the system are the culprits. Prepared by Erica H. Mattison Click here to download the report

Silver Line - Bus Rapid Transit is an oxymoron, and the MBTA's promise of restoring rapid transit service to the old orange line corridor isn't being fulfilled.

North–South Rail Link - The Sierra Club supports completing the last link in Amtrak's Florida-to-Main service.

Airport Expansion  Should we cut down forests to add new runways - in the hope that these runways will bring jobs?


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