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Forests and Parks

Massachusetts is home to some of the country's most treasured forests and parks. These open spaces provide us with outdoor activities, such as hiking and picnicking, but are also essential in maintaining a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The chapter's goal is to protect our forests and parks from threats and abuse. Working with our environmental allies and state agencies, we seek to limit or discontinue logging, clearcutting, and other practices that lead to the degradation or destruction of these treasured lands.

The Sierra Club supports halting the destruction of forest ecosystems throughout the United States. We oppose all logging activities -- whether on federal, state, provincial, or private lands -- that are environmentally unsustainable, or that jeopardize fully functioning forest ecosystems. We support the immediate halt of: all logging in remaining old-growth areas, ecologically destructive clearcutting, and conversions to non-native species.

The Club supports restoring naturally self-sustaining networks of wild forests for every forest ecosystem. Where forests have been damaged or fragmented, we call for the restoration of the ecosystem with native plants and animals, and establishment of biological corridors to link isolated stands.

The Club supports dramatically reducing the consumption of virgin wood products through recycling, reuse, and the use of environmentally acceptable alternative materials.  Phasing out logging on ecologically sensitive lands, regardless of ownership, is a high priority.

Threatened Lands
Throughout the State, we have been documenting lands that are threatened and/or damaged.  Click here for more.

Mt. Wachusett
Located in central Massachusetts, Mt. Wachusett is a public parkland and the state’s highest peak east of the Connecticut River. The park is home to the state’s fourth largest stand of Old Growth Forest, recognized for its unique features and value as a historical and scientific resource. Also located on Mt Wachusett is a commercial downhill ski area, privately owned and operated. The ski area's expansion has resulted in destruction and damage to the Old Growth Forest. Click here for more

Forest Management on Massachusetts Public Lands
Recognizing the need for early successional habitat to create the environment necessary for diversity of species. Click here for more

The Parks Protection Package
A legislative initiative to protect our state's parks and forests. Click here for more

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Forests & Parks

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