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Zero Waste:
Fueling the Economy, Not the Incinerators

Zero Waste is a design principle and planning approach for the environmental management of resources. It aims to prevent waste by design rather than manage it after the fact. Sierra Club’s Zero Waste policy addresses not only the quantity of waste we generate, but also its toxicity, its contribution to climate change, and the important links between waste reduction and corporate responsibility.

The goals of our this policy integrate social, environmental, and economic outcomes:

  • Protecting public health and the environment from pollution and greenhouse gas production.
  • Conserving raw materials and energy in the production, transportation, and disposal of goods.
  • Reducing over-consumption by encouraging the consumer to eliminate the purchase of unnecessary goods and packaging, especially single use, disposable items.
  • Facilitating community economic development and local jobs in repair, refurbishing and recycling.
  • Internalizing environmental and social costs in the prices of products and services.
  • Encouraging cradle-to-cradle design and management systems that cycle all materials safely back into the environment or the marketplace.
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