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Energy and Global Warming

More Clean Energy, Decrease Carbon Emissions

For more than a century, we’ve depended on fossil fuels for power, heat, and light. Now we’re facing the consequences. Polar ice and glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and plant and animal species are disappearing. And the wilderness areas and wildlife that the Sierra Club has worked to protect are being threatened and lost.

The Sierra Club’s Climate Recovery Agenda is a set of initiatives that will help cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create a clean-energy economy, and protect our natural heritage, communities, and country from the consequences of global warming. Transforming our energy future, slowing and ultimately reversing climate change will require a clear agenda and aggressive timetable that will allow us to repower and rebuild America.

The Massachusetts Sierra Club is helping to grow a clean energy economy by:

Repowering America with green, renewable energy: wind, solar, and other safe, clean sources of power that will energize a new century.

Rebuilding America with proper planning and high-performance buildings: Smarter, greener buildings that eliminate global warming emissions, reduce utility bills, and generate renewable energy.

Linking it all together with a Smart Grid, encouraging smarter more efficient use of energy, encouraging and supporting large-scale renewable energy and local energy generation.

Moving Beyond Coal: From the mine to the plant, coal is our dirtiest energy source. It causes health problems, destroys mountains, and releases toxic mercury into our communities. Continuing our dependence on coal chains us to dirty energy and prevents us from making the changes we need to bring about a clean, secure energy future.



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