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Things to Consider When Going Solar

Besides the obvious question, "does sunlight reach your roof," there are other considerations when choosing a solar rooftop installer.
  • Is the design, installation and project management free?
  • What will my savings be if electric rates go up, and how much should I assume they will increase?
  • Who files the necessary permits, files for the rebates, tax credits, and renewable energy credits (SRECs)?
  • What is the projected lifespan of the panels, inverters, and other equipment?
  • Are maintenance and parts free warrantied for its lifetime?
  • What insurance is provided? Do I need to add anything to my existing insurance policy?
  • What level of energy performance is guaranteed?
  • Will I have a leftover utility bill to pay?
  • Does a solar system increase the value of my house?
  • Is the system transferable on sale of house and without loss of investment?
  • Who "owns" the Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) what are they worth?
  • How and over what time do I recover my investment if I purchase or prepay the lease? Who owns the system at the end of the lease term?
  • Do I need to re-roof my house where the system will go?

There are plenty of great solar installers across the country. The Sierra Club chose to partner with Sungevity because we support their vision to grow a grassroots movement of clean-energy homeowners. If you choose Sungevity, you'll receive a very attractive quote, a $750 cash gift card -- and Sungevity will contribute an additional $750 to the Sierra Club.

The best reason to start harvesting all that free sunshine that's falling on your rooftop, though, is that each kilowatt hour of solar you generate either replaces electricity that might otherwise come from burning a fossil fuel like coal or natural gas. And if you charge an EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle at home, you're displacing yet another dirty fossil fuel -- oil (and saving still more money).

So be your own power plant - Go Solar!

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