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 5 Reasons to Go Solar!

Become Green! The average American home consumes around 10,000 kwh a year – and creates over six tons of CO2. Solar creates zero CO2, and you’ll stop feeding the demand for fracking, coal, oil, and fossil fuels or nuclear.

Solar is amazingly inexpensive due to federal and state tax incentives! And with the flexibility of Sungevity’s many payment options, solar could pay for itself very quickly.

You can increase your home’s value! If you’re thinking about selling, buyers are aware of the savings that solar offers under the option you chose.

Energy Price Stability! Worldwide events, market fluctuations, and fuel shortages will become irrelevant when you become your own electric company.

You'll be helping the Sierra Club! The Sierra Club receives a donation for every new installation!


Solar rooftops are everywhere - and for good reason: costs have come down and government incentives have made the installion of solar panels a smart financial decision. You can now install a solar system on your rooftop for a fraction of what it used to cost. In some cases, you can start saving on your very first bill.

The technology used in today's solar panels work as well in Massachusetts as they do in the 'sunbelt' states. Even our mid-winter day length won't affect the net annual output. Within minutes after installation, you'll become a clean-energy producer, even selling power back to your electric company.

Here's how it works:

Contact Sungevity using this link. They'll ask a few questions to help you determine if solar is right for you.

When you decide to Go Solar, Sungevity will take care of all the paperwork, tax credit's "SRECs" and all other details. All you need to do is choose a payment option that makes sense for you and your budget.

After installation, some days you'll prodfuce more than you use. Your electric company will buy this extra energy back from you at the same price you pay them. On those days when you need more than you produce, or at night, you'll still be able to buy from them. You only pay for the net usage.

The Sierra Club knows that if every American home installed solar panels on their rooftops, we'll vastly decrease our carbon output, decrease pollution, and minimize our dependency on foreign oil. We know that this is an easy environmmental step, and that it's also cost-effective.

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Financial Benefits

Besides the financial savings and huge environmental benefits, when you take advantage of the Sierra Club - Sungevity home solar initiative, Sungevity will donate $750 to the Massachusetts Sierra Club and also give you a $750 cash gift card!  Sungevity offers multiple payment plans; each tailored to your financial goals. From a zero-down lease, a pre-paid lease, outright purchase, and term lease, all system offer expert free installation, and a maintenance and service warranty. Your savings can start immediately. To benefit and get a free custom quote emailed to you, just contact Sungevity through us.


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