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Welcome to the Massachusetts Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the nation's oldest and most effective grassroots environmental organization. Here in Massachusetts, your local chapter has a 40-year legacy of protecting the environment with successful legislative, advocacy, and educational campaigns.

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The "Kinder-Morgan-Tennessee" Gas Pipeline Proposal

A natural gas pipeline has been proposed that that would cut a 140-mile path through Massachusetts, carrying fracked gas from other regions of the US to eventually sell to Europe and beyond. The dangers include methane gas leaks, environmental destruction, public safety, increased dependency on fossil fuels, and increased natural gas prices. Click here for more.

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The Bottle Bill Update

After careful consideration, we've decided to work to put the Bottle Bill Update on the November 2014 ballot. We're gearing up for an active campaign!  Click here for more information about the bottle bill update.


Workplace Giving
As a member of EarthShare New England, the Massachusetts Sierra Club is eligible to receive payroll contributions. You can either give directly to the Sierra Club, or make a general gift that will be shared among EarthShare New England member charities. Visit EarthShare New England for more information.

Read the July 2014 issue of the E-Sierran - click here

Plastic Bag Bans

Bag bans have passed in Marblehead, Brookline, Nantucket, Manchester, and Great Barrington. This has started an avalanche of efforts in all corners of the state. Visit www.banbags.org for information about implementing a plastic bag in your community - and beyond!

Mass. Sierra Club Report Blasts
Bottling Industry's so-called "Recycling" Bill

Our in-depth report asserts that their proposal nothing more than an effort to kill the most successful recycling mechanism in the state  Download the report

Beyond Coal Massachusetts

The coal burning plants in Massachusetts: Salem Harbor Station, Mount Tom (Holyoke), and Beyond Coal MassachusettsBrayton Point Station (Somerset), are the largest air polluters in the Commonwealth. The Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign in Massachusetts is focused on smart energy solutions that will keep Massachusetts healthy and free from unwanted dirty fuel sources. Join us in our fight against coal! Click here for more

Biomass Energy: Good or Bad for the Environment?

Biomass energy is the production of energy (electricity; liquid, solid, and gaseous fuels; and heat) from biomass. Biomass may be any organic matter including dedicated energy crops and trees, agricultural food and feed crop residues, aquatic plants, wood and wood residues, animal wastes and other organic waste, and construction and demolition debris.. Click here for more.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership
The Sierra Club is deeply concerned about not only the environmental implications of the TPP, but all the far-reaching overreaching aspects. Along with State Rep. Denise Provost, we sponsored an event at the Somerville Library to discuss what the TPP is and the effects it would have. Click here

2013-2014 Supported Bills

The Massachusetts Sierra Club is supporting wide range of bills in the new legislative cycle. Click here to view our list of supported legislation.

We Need Your Support!
We depend on your generous direct support of our statewide initiatives including working towards a clean energy future, curbing climate change and advocating for critical environmental legislation. Click here to donate 

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